Welcome to Paddox Dental

Our dental practice has established itself amongst the local community and now provides dental services to thousands of people every year.

We know as well as anyone that your smile is one of the most noticeable and memorable features of your face. That is why the whole dental team at the practice work hard to provide you and other patients with the very best dental healthcare.

So, if you are seeking treatment or advice, or looking to register with our dental practice, do please contact us.

Patient Safety Charter

Our practice has a safety culture which means that patient safety is at the forefront of everyones’s minds not only when delivering healthcare but also when setting objectives, developing procedures, purchasing new products and equipment.  It is also a culture that is open and fair, where staff can discuss the challenges that face them at work for the best interests of our patients.

  • The practice uses BDA approved Infection Prevention kit for  the control and prevention of cross infection.  To achieve this we follow the latest infection prevention guidelines form the Dept. of Health 

  • All dental instruments are either single use or sterilized after use

  • Work areas, the dental chair and handles are decontaminated in between patients.

  • All staff maintain a high standard of personal hygiene including clinical clothing and the restricted wearing of jewellery

  • Practice water is monitored for quality and dental unit waterlines are maintained

  • Waste is handled according to current regulations and disposed of with appropriate carriers

We run a clinical governance system which uses integrated risk management to identify, assess, analyse and manage of all risks and incidents. The goal is continuous improvement in our care and service to you.

Our CQC Manager is Amy Buck who has overall responsibility for all CQC aspects at the practice. The team is supported through regular meetings, staff training, personal development and regular appraisals. Our practice always welcomes questions, comments and suggestions from patients.

Please contact the practice if you have any questions or comments.

Complaints Policy

In this practice we take complaints seriously and we aim to ensure that all our patients are pleased with their experience of our service. When patients complain, they are dealt with courteously and promptly so that the matter is resolved as quickly as possible. This policy is based on these objectives.

In responding to a complaint we aim to treat you the way we would like to be treated if we were in your position.

We aim to respond to a complaint effectively and ensure that we take the opportunity to learn and improve our service.

The person responsible for dealing with any complaint about the service which we provide is Amy Buck.

If a patient makes a verbal complaint, we will listen to and offer to refer him or her to Amy Buck without delay. If Amy is not available at the time, then the patient will be advised when they will be able to talk to her and arrangements will be made for this to happen. The member of staff will take brief details of the complaint and pass them on.

If the patient complains in writing the letter or email will be passed to Amy Buck without delay.

We will acknowledge the patient’s complaint in writing and enclose a copy of this complaints policy as soon as possible, normally within 10 working days.

We will seek to investigate the complaint and respond within 30 working days of receipt.

If we are unable to investigate the complaint within this time we will notify the patient, giving reasons for the delay and a likely period within which the investigation will be completed.

We will confirm the decision about the complaint in writing as soon as possible after completing our investigation.

Proper and comprehensive records are kept of any complaint received.

If patients are not satisfied with the result of our procedure then a complaint may be made to:

For complaints about NHS treatment:


The care Quality Commission or the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman,MillbankTower,




0345 015 4033